Over our 25 years of providing our clients with solutions to access learning, that meet the dual criteria of value for money and quality of solution…there is one standout question that we have been asked by our clients. The question is,

“How do you ensure that I am getting the best solution to my request?”

Our proud response is- “Through the HUB!”

At Premier requests for learning solutions fall into three distinct categories. These are:

  • Repeat requests
  • The Catalogue
  • The HUB

The HUB process enables our clients to purchase learning that falls outside the parameter of previous requirements (Repeat requests) and Catalogue (Online access to over 900 learning workshops, programmes and solutions).

The HUB provides clients with a process that enables them to access our network of supplier partners and beyond to fulfil their requirements.

Our Supply Chain Team are continuously engaging with our supplier partners. These partners, who currently number 479 suppliers and over 500 associate trainers, have been selected against a robust criterion covering training requirements across a wide range of sector-specific and operational business needs.

All our suppliers’ and associates’ details are contained within the HUB. The HUB provides clients with a process for requesting training solutions and receiving three quotes, along with training synopsis and confirmation that the suppliers recommended have complied with all onboarding requirements.

The HUB has inbuilt flexibility, enabling clients to identify a preferred supplier and benchmark them against our Tier One suppliers.

Continuous improvement is at the heart of the HUB process and we welcome input from our clients and suppliers alike as to how we can improve the experience and process.

In the month of October, we undertook a comprehensive review of the HUB process and identified over 40 recommendations from our key stakeholders, internal staff, Client Relationship Directors and Account Managers, Clients and Suppliers.

Recommendations included:

  • Improvements to automated emails.
  • Features and benefits of recommended suppliers.
  • Personalising landing pages, so that they are client specific.
  • Removal of repetitive fields.
  • “Why pick me” field showcasing a supplier’s expertise and experience.
  • Improved reporting views.

The Hub is a comprehensive search tool that supports our clients’ requests and enables us to deliver value for money learning without compromising on quality.

We will continue to work closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure that the HUB is subject to continuous improvement and delivers benefits to all our key stakeholders.