To support our 42 local authority clients across the UK we have worked collaboratively with them to help  save significant sums of money, and adapt their training plans to accommodate the pressures they face from the global pandemic.  

Sarah Sutton from Oxfordshire County Council  gives a testimonial on Premier’s service and cancellation flexibility:

“Learning & Development in Oxfordshire County Council did not stop with the arrival of COVID-19. Although face-to-face courses were not possible, we found ourselves in the position virtually overnight where we were tasked to work Premier to re-scope and re-develop specifications for courses to be delivered virtually, where appropriate and feasible. Initially, there were a number of courses we had to postpone in order to think through how we could get these delivered virtually. 

The ESPO terms via Premier being only 5 days cancellation has been extremely beneficial for Oxfordshire County Council and if we were contracting direct with providers there would have been at least 30 days cancellation terms in place and the savings made would just not have been possible which was circa £28,000 during April-June 2020.  This has allowed us to reschedule courses for a later date ensuring delivery of courses and skills for staff were not affected. 

Premier has been really efficient and responsive to our requirements, liaising with providers to re-scope development opportunities to have them delivered virtually. This of course meant additional work for everyone involved, however the change was embraced and has been a success.  This is a true testament to all the staff at Premier in supporting us through these unprecedented times, so THANK YOU Premier – particularly mentioning Kyle and Jade who have faultlessly supported me.

We have been through many changes recently, working from home, learning from home and using new technology, which has been for all of us a steep learning curve. It’s been fantastic to see how staff and Premier providers have positively embraced these changes during these unusual times and are continuing on their development journey”. 

We continue to ensure that our Clients across the nation maintain the quality and accessibility of their learning and development strategy through these tough times.