Our operations at Premier Partnership remain Client focused and quality driven, and so our innovative and passionate team are constantly striving to create new streamlined platforms to offer our Clients.

The initial function of the Availability App is to provide a communication platform between Premier and specialist associate providers. The App will display tailored resumes of our qualified Associates which will enable Clients to meet their specific learning requirements. These credentials will provide an overview of the trainers experience, capability and qualifications.

Clients and Associates will simply mark their availability in the App Calendar, so that Premier’s onboarding team can seamlessly manage bookings. There will also be a notification updates service that will release current learning requirements, or Premiers news and initiatives.

We are constantly improving our operations in this virtually evolving world. We look forward to enabling our Clients with an efficient and swift onboarding process for all their learning and development requirements.

“If you are aware of training professionals who may be interested in working with us, then please refer them to the site at https://premier.espire.tech/#/register. ”