Effective Health & Safety (H&S) affects millions of working people positively every day of the year. It also benefits the many millions more members of the public, who come into contact with commercial activity – from building and construction operations through to retail, hospitality and leisure venues.

While it is an entirely worthwhile, socially progressive movement in its own right, this responsible exercise also makes good business sense.

Adhering to UK/EU rigorous H&S regulations mean that your company will not fall foul of the law and suffer heavy, often commercially crippling, fines.

Beyond that, any breach that leads to an injury or death could result in corporate manslaughter charges – and even criminal proceedings against company directors and managers, which can carry in long prison sentences. All best avoided for commercial and personal wellbeing. And Brexit is unlikely to lead to a watering down of statutory rules.

Telling the world about your excellent H&S systems (preferably, exceeding legislative demands) is also an excellent marketing tool. Quality measures will help you build a positive reputation with potential investors and partners, as well as your clients and prospective clients – increasing sales and generating many more leads.

Similarly, they will boost staff morale and could attract tomorrow’s talent. Your key workers will feel appreciated by an employer that bends over backwards to ensure their welfare – and it can be a powerful weapon in the recruitment and retention armoury.

An effective H&S plan will reduce staff absenteeism because of injury at work – and lead to fewer claims for compensation at Tribunal or through the civil courts. With good practice also allowing people to work more easily, it all adds up to increased productivity and reduced costs.

With the public safe to interact with your firm, whether as customers or passers-by, the reduced risk of non-worker harm will reduce unnecessary outgoings and the chances of public relations disasters even further.

High workplace H&S standards can slash your insurance premiums, as well as the costs of accidents that aren’t covered by your policy – such as sick pay, halted production or repairs to plant or equipment. Uninsured costs can be greater than insured ones, and they have to be paid out of business income – itself severely depressed by poor practice anyway, as we have seen.

But it is not just a compliance or commercial matter, it is also a matter of duty of care. With increased levels of transparency and accountability for businesses, there is no excuse for not doing the right thing.

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